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Well for all that are possibly reading anything I post here is yet another little blog post. We are well into august and as we get closer and closer to the end of the month it also means we get closer to Blake’s 2nd birthday and all I can think is where did time go?. I know I pro posted something like this when she turned one but I think with every passing year I will have a hard time dealing with it b/c she inst that little baby anymore and I cant imagine what its like for Clayton b/c he goes out of town for work and what not. Also it doesnt just mean another age for Blake but it also means in some ways another year for Clayton and I, yes we started dating in Dec but I dunno we have grown so much together since Blake was born. I know if anyone reads this they will think its just another mom posting about her kid and family, but its something more to each mom, it might mean more to each of us but it does mean something, everything changes when you have a kid, some for the best and some for the worst. I know Im just going on and on and that no one will ever really read this but its an outlet but thanks for listening.\